Telemed Reseach & Developement Ultrasound Solutions

Telemed platform allows you to implement Hardware & Software research tools according to your specific requirements.

Beamformed RF Data
Ecografo ArtUs EXT-2H con modulo I/O per sincronizzazione con altre strumentazioni.
I/O Synch Module
Software Development Kit (SDK) Telemed
Research DLLs & Tools


Since most traditional ultrasound scanners are closed systems, their potential for research use is limited. Typically, these systems do not allow for the installation of custom software or hardware, nor do they enable ultrasound control through custom software.

TELEMED provide ultrasound scanners (beamformers) that connect to standard computers running Windows (8/10/11) operating systems via a USB 2.0/3.0 port. This setup enables the installation of the standard ultrasound software, like  Echo Wave II, and your custom software on the same computer. Your custom software can then control the ultrasound scanner as well as any additional custom hardware or experimental equipment.

Software Echo Wave II – research features

The ‘Echo Wave II’ software is widely used for traditional ultrasound examinations in hospitals and clinics. However, it also offers advanced features that make it a valuable tool for scientific research.


Save images or reports in an XLSX (Excel) file and use the ‘Data’ sheet for measurement results when scanning multiple images, measuring distances or areas, saving data and processing measurements with other software.


You can control “Echo Wave II” from an external application by invoking commands such as freeze/run, save files, load files, and update patient information. These actions are executed by sending the appropriate command strings using Windows WM_COPYDATA messages. For a complete list of supported WM_COPYDATA commands, please refer to the “Software Control Using the Command Line” section in the “Echo Wave II” User Manual.


If your application requires saving recorded ultrasound cine as separate frames, you can easily do this by selecting “PNG multiple images” (or BMP, JPG) as the file format in the “Cine Save As” dialog of “Echo Wave II.

Software Developement Kit (SDK)

If your research requires greater control over ultrasound, access to not only ultrasound frames but also scan-lines of each frame, or if you want to develop custom ultrasound scanning software, you can utilize the Usgfw2 SDK. This SDK is available for free upon signing an NDA agreement with the manufacturer.

Sample Code

The SDK contains a sample code that demonstrates how to access ultrasound data and control ultrasound scanners in different scanning modes. 

High Level Programming

Use programming languages such as C#, VB, Delphi, C++, or others that support COM for high-level control.

Access to Low Level Ultrasound Data

Accessing low-level ultrasound data requires knowledge of C++, COM, and DirectShow.