“Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology becomes available to everybody”

– Henry Ford

Telemed Ultrasound Technology

  • Specialized in ultrasound imaging, TELEMED provides PC-based systems. The innovation lies in the open architecture of its platform and the migration from hardware to software of all control as well as signal and image processing functions. This allows advanced ultrasound imaging modes and the integration of research tools available on high profile instruments: Parallel Beamforming, Spatial Compound Imaging, Virtual Convex – Extended View Imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging – iTHI Pulse Inversion technology, Digital Doppler Multi-Beam Processing, Automatic Image Optimization, Advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging, Raw-Data, Advanced Dynamic Focalization, RF Data Access, Synch Triggers Option, etc…

Who we are

  • UAB TELEMED (Lithuania), founded in 1992 as a research institute, is a high-tech company dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of open-architecture, PC-based ultrasound imaging systems for clinical diagnostics and scientific research. Since 1995, it has been operating in the OEM market providing know-how and hardware/software technologies to companies in the field of ultrasound instrumentation.

    TELEMED Medical Systems is the italian partner of UAB TELEMED (Lithuania). Founded in 2008, it offers expertise in research, training in the ultrasonography field, as well as efficient technical and commercial support.