Online Demo

Our fully featured online demo allows you to test the excellence in image quality and performance offered by our ultrasound diagnostic systems.

From our online demo, you will receive first-hand experience some of the potential and performance that our systems offer thanks to the innovative TELEMED PC-based software driven platform.

Also if the beamformer is not connected to your PC, you can use many image processing controls and enabled functions:

  • retrieval of images and videos from memory, cineloop, speckle reduction, rejection , zoom, gamma, palette
  • measurements and calculations, body marks, drawings and annotations saving, printing, ect..
  • patient data and reporting options settings

In demo mode, you can access the user interface controls, system settings and customization features.

At your request, a Telemed Application Specialist will support you by remote connection.

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Training & Technical Application

TELEMED offers an efficient Training & Technical Application service to support customers in functions optimization and proper use of the equipment.

Our customer service and support is carried out online by remote connection.

Application Training, Customization and System Optimization

The service includes:

  • training & technical application
  • system settings and user interface customization
  • presets management
  • patient data management and database
  • report procedures
  • saving and printing optimization
  • DICOM settings
  • etc…

Training and assistance for specific applications and Echo Wave II software advanced functions

The service includes:

  • system customization and optimization for specific applications
  • support for Echo Wave II software advanced functions
  • OEM Projects support
  • support for scientific research applications (RF output , Matlab , etc. )
  • Software Development Kit ( SDK), support for developers
  • etc…

Software Update and System Upgrade

The TELEMED Ultrasound Systems adopt a innovative PC-based software-driven technological platform, which uses a common personal computer for signal and image processing .

Telemed systems offer excellent image quality and high performance, thanks to the advanced processors and the latest generation of LED backlight displays with IPS / PLS technology, adopted on modern personal computers.

On the traditional ultrasound systems updates are higg priced and often requires hardware changes.

Telemed commitment is to provide constant and free updates, even after the warranty expires. They don’t require hardware upgrade.

Software and Drivers can be downloaded from our server.

The installation of the updates prevents the rapid obsolescence of equipment and allows our Customers to enjoy significant benefits:

  • Expansion and improvement of diagnostic capabilities , features, and overall performance
  • Implementation of functions with the latest TELEMED technological applications
  • reduction of costs related to the life cycle of the system
  • maximizing the value of your investment
  • extension of the life of the system
  • high resale value

TELEMED releases annually about 4-6 new official software and drivers versions.

For information and remote support , please contact our technical service.

CONTACT Form for information and request
+39 348 3190513
+39 02 36594100
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