Since 1995, with the introduction of its first PC-based software-driven system, TELEMED is pioneer and world leader in research, design, development and production of diagnostic ultrasound systems with open architecture based on personal computer.

The rapid growth of the performance of current personal computers with processors and graphics more and more powerful and faster, allows to use the features of a standard PC for signals and image processing in real-time enabling features and performance currently available only on top class ultrasound equipment.

In TELEMED technology platform both features and algorithms for signal and image processing in real time and all control functions are transferred from hardware to software.

The TELEMED Ultrasound Beamforming Technology is dedicated to high performance diagnostic ultrasound systems offering the state of art in diagnostic ultrasound: Doppler Digital Multi-Beam Processing, Spatial Compound Imaging, Virtual Convex, B-Steer Imaging, Hybrid Signal Processing, Cross-beamforming, Tissue Harmonics, one-Touch Image Optimization, NeatView – Advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging, Image Enanchement, advanced focusing, full Raw-Data.

TELEMED systems architecture allows the integration of new advanced ultrasound imaging modes with implementation and continuous software updating through freeware release downloadable from this website.
The PC-based software-driven philosophy makes systems no longer subject to obsolescence.

The software ECHO WAVE II is equipped with functions for Telemedicine and remote control of user interface and real-time transfer of images and video.

These functions are used by our Customer Service to provide technical assistance and support remotely from the web.

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