TELEMED offers an efficient Customer Assistance and Support Service, both remotely and on-site

Our TELEMED Remote Service allows our customers to receive remote assistance and support in real time via the Internet through a direct connection between our system and our expert team.

Through a broadband connection, our experts provide post-sales support, preventive maintenance, calibration, system upgrade, system diagnostics with fault repair and other support services.

Online support through TELEMED Remote Service:

  • Technical Service – Online Assistance
  • System installation, customization and optimization
  • Support for specific applications and EchoWave II software advanced functions
  • Technical Remote Support for diagnosis, system errors identification and troubleshooting
  • Software Update and System Upgrade with user’s settings recovery from backup

Our helpdesk will also provide information on:

  • On site technical assistance
  • Warranty
  • Support for spare parts
  • Maintenance/assistance contracts
  • Kasco full risk insurance
  • OEM partners support
CONTACT Form for information and requests
+39 348 3190513
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Technical Service – Online Assistance

TELEMED offers excellent post-sales service, aimed at system optimal functioning and proper use.

Service is carried out online by remote connection.

Remote Service for System Installation, Customization and Optimization

The Service includes:

  • System installation
  • System customization, user interface and settings personalization
  • Presets customization and optimization; management of patient folder, database, saving, reporting and printing modes
  • DICOM settings
  • etc…

Remote Service for specific applications and EchoWave II software advanced functions

The service includes:

  • System customization and optimization for specific applications
  • Support for Echo Wave II software advanced functions use
  • Technical Application Service for Scientific Research (RF output, Matlab, ecc)
  • Software Development Kit ( SDK) support for developers
  • OEM projects support
  • etc…

Remote Service for Technical Support

The service includes:

  • System analysis and information report (Ultrasound Scanner Monitor)
  • Diagnosis and identification of system errors
  • Troubleshooting
  • System Restore
  • Operation and optimization check

Software Update and System Upgrade

TELEMED guarantees EchoWave II software free upgrades with drivers and software download from our server.

Latest software releases and new drivers allow our customers to keep their systems up to date, avoiding fast obsolescence and ensuring excellent performance and functions implementation.

Software and drivers updates are available for free even after warranty expiration, and they can be downloaded from our website at any time.

New software and drivers release installation allow our customers to have important benefits:

  • clinical performance expansion
  • implementation with latest TELEMED technological applications
  • functions, diagnostic capabilities and overall performance improvement
  • costs reduction related to system life cycle
  • investment value maximization
  • system life extension
  • high resale value

4-6 new official TELEMED software releases every year.

Software update and System upgrade are carried out with user settings restore from backup.


All TELEMED systems are fully guaranteed for a period of 24 months from installation date for the main unit and 12 months for transducers.

Warranty is limited to repair or, at our option, replace free of charge any defective parts.

Repairs or replacements caused by not correct use of systems are not covered by warranty.

Warranty can be extended through a post-warranty maintenance contract.

Support for spare parts

TELEMED has stocks of spare parts for all products for at least 5 years from the time when production is officially discontinued.

Assistance and Maintenance Contract

TELEMED offers a variety of on-site and remote support services depending on specific customer needs, through a Technical Service and Maintenance Contract.

Being our software free, the costs of system maintenance and assistance including online support, are extremely low.

Remote Service includes system upgrades with backup-restore execution, new software installations, and Application Training on system functions.

OEM partners support

Since 1995, TELEMED designs and produces beamformers and software for its OEM partners.
Currently more than 50 companies, operating in the field of diagnostic ultrasound, use TELEMED Ultrasound Beamforming Technology.

The commitment of TELEMED R&D is focused on technological innovation in the design and manufacture of multilayer boards, PLD (Programmable Logic Device) chip, SMD (Surface Mounting Device) technologies & etc…

TELEMED assistance for OEM partners is dedicated to hardware and software development for diagnostic ultrasound systems, as well as the execution of tests required by the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) according to ISO 13485.

CONTACT Form for information and request
+39 348 3190513
+39 02 36594100
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