Pano View




Panoview is an optional software module for generating panoramic images with large field.
Panoramic image is constructed by combining a series of individual images.
It is useful for MSK , Endocrinology, Breast imaging and other applications

The user starts the scanning optimizing the image with TGC, Gain and other settings.
The panoramic scanning is activated by clicking the “PanoView” button and moving the transducer with constant speed along the desired direction.
A progress bar shows the current acquisition status. The scanning registration can be stopped by pressing any keyboard or mouse/touchpad button.
After that acquisition is completed, the panoramic image is created and displayed automatically by frames sequence merging.
It is possible to obtain panoramic images even along curved lines.
It is possible to perform measurements on the panoramic image.

Images can be adjusted in the contrast, brightness, Gamma and color for a better contrast resolution.

The patient data and images (TIF or BMP) can be stored in the integrated database, in a separate file or sent to the printer.
The video sequences can be stored in uncompressed AVI format.

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