Welcome to TELEMED Medical Systems

Official Italian distributor of ultrasound systems

developed and manufactured by TELEMED, UAB – Lithuania.


Since 20 years TELEMED is leader in the development of PC-based software driven diagnostic Ultrasound systems.

At the beginning the results of research in the field of Ultrasound helped us to overcome one of the biggest challenges in medicine: to see in real time inside the human body. Nowadays the Ultrasound evolution is aimed to make this technology accessible to all operators by providing excellence in image quality, high performance, continuous and free systems updating .

The spark behind this change is technological innovation based on the shift from hardware -based to software-based technologies where performance and high-profile features become available on small units managed by common personal computers.

TELEMED commitment to excellence is based on the changes coming from PC-based software-driven philosophy and opens a new frontier in the field of diagnostic Ultrasound.

To the operators in ultrasound diagnostic imaging, TELEMED offers advanced high-performance systems based on personal computer.

On the OEM market (Original Equipment Manufacturer), TELEMED provides know-how and hardware/software technologies to leading companies in ultrasound equipment.

In the innovative platform developed by TELEMED, the functions of control, and processing of signals and images are transferred from hardware to software.

TELEMED Medical Systems is the Italian Partner of TELEMED Ldt, Lithuania.

Established in Italy since 2008, TELEMED Medical Systems offers expertise in research, continuing education in ultrasound, technical support.


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